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청소년 영어캠프
청소년 영어캠프

청소년 영어캠프

만 13세~16세의 학생을 위한 방학 해외캠프 프로그램
20 강의/주
(40분 수업)
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Description: These courses provide an ideal learning environment for younger students who want to make maximum progress with 26 or 20 language lessons a week. Focus on communicating clearly in everyday situations by building competency through conversation, accuracy through exercises and confidence through our friendly environment. An all-inclusive package: Our junior courses are designed with a program personalized to the needs of younger learners. Whether you travel abroad independently or in an escorted group – curriculum, accommodation, activities and excursions are part of an all inclusive package.

Locations: Bristol, Eastbourne, Cambridge, Cambridge Clare College, Bournemouth, Dublin, Washington, D.C., New York, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Seattle, Brisbane, Auckland, Singapore, Malaga, SaintRaphaël, Munich, Nice

EF Learning Guarantee
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"EF의 커리큘럽은 개인별 맞춤형 학습법을 통한 빠르고 효율적인 언어학습을 가능하게 합니다. 강의실 수업, 쌍방향 학습, 문화적 교류 등 다양한 방법을 통해 6주마다 한 단계씩 레벨이 향상될 것입니다."